What happened to Summer In The Village?

December 3rd 2020
We had startet out with a few recordings – but the situation during summer fortunately has made it possible to have some live music situations again and everybody was quite busy … so the urge to improvise in this format wasn’t strong enough any more, I figure.

In the current “lockdown light” situation I do miss improvising with others again, especially performing for a live audience – but unlike in springtime 2020, I do not have so much time now, because a lot of processes are continuing and are demanding a lot of my time.

I want to share some thoughts and sounds from August nevertheless:

August 9th 2020
I just did some flute recordings to Deutz music and to creek music.
The end of the water music came totally surprising. I think I will forward my first take nevertheless. On the Deutz music I took quite many tries. Now I think I have to leave it alone for a while otherwise the playing will lose its freshness. I notice how in my head I start making plans for my improvisation. That’s exactly what I did NOT want to happen in the first place. Now, playing along this tractor is special, yes. But still…

Here you find my first take of Bachmusik (creek music), it’s a short impression of the Urach waterfall creek with flute sounds. I recorded the creek in July on the Swabian Alb and added the flute track in August in Berlin. I cut out about two minutes in the beginning and manipulated the sudden ending of the water sounds. Other than that, there is no change to the first take.

Bachmusik 1 Flöte