contact-free improv – Improvisation kontaktlos

This is about contact-free improvisation. But it’s also about remaining in contact via free improv and remaining in contact with free improv.

This blog wishes to further investigate the essence of ‚free‘ improvisation. What is it really about?

Now that we forcedly have to deal with contact-free methods of improvising together – we might miss certain aspects in our playing – and thus gain new insights in essential conditions for improvising we had always taken for granted.

I hope to come to a deeper understanding of what’s happening in free (group) improvisation in general.

This blog will alternately be written in german (mostly) and english (some), depending on who I will have played with and who I will have talked to about the topic.

Sorry for not translating either way …

Join in! wants to contribute to an open discourse about the essence of improvised music (excluding solo improvisation). Everybody engaged with associated issues is welcome to send me a note. I’m happy to publish some thoughts by fellow musicians! Also if you would like to join in the experiment and share ideas as well as improvised audiofiles – please drop me a line!

You can also write to kontakt(at)