Summer In The Village

After some contactfree improvs via internet I realized how my way of perceiving surrounding sounds has changed. I tend to check them out as if they were a first take that I want to improvise to. So I decided to do some field recordings and see how they could work as starting material for a contact-free improvisation.

Since I spent my summer in a little village on the Swabian Alb I decided to specifically search for typical sounds that feature this area. I consider this to be a statement of respect and love of the region and the people living there.

Also this is a way to overcome long distance – we are establishing a connection between the rural area and the more urban world.

The recordings so far include

  • the engine of a 1956 Deutz tractor,
  • the stones, leaves and twigs found in a forest early in the morning,
  • the little creek leading to the famous Urach waterfall
  • and the bathtub of an old farmhouse.

I sent some of the recordings out to various musicians inviting them to play along.

We omitted the rule “first take at first sight” and now leave it up to every player to decide on his or her own wether to pass on the first take or to check out the material more thoroughly first. Also we didn’t make up any rules concerning the order in which we are adding to the tracks. Whoever recorded a track passes it on to whomever he or she likes.

Call for participation

  • Playing

If you are an improvising musician and you are interested in joining in – just drop me a line. This project is still open to more improvisers.

The musical results are only being published in this blog if all participants agree to it.

  • Writing

If you are having some thoughts on this, you are invited to share them with us. You can either leave a comment – or drop me a line so we can find a way how you can contribute to this blog.