Listen to some music here!

There are some files to listen to in this blog. I put them next to the texts explaining how the music evolved. This is important, because the circumstances of their production differ from „regular“ studio conditions. The files are illustrating the experience with contactfree improvisation.
But since people keep asking me where they can find some music – I put in some links here.
Enjoy reading and listening!

USU Sauer I Schwarz I Schiffelholz

Live at HfMDK Jazzfest 2020, Frankfurt/Main
This is what we sound like playing live, not contactfree (6 weeks before the lockdown).

Here is one of our contactfree improvs.

You can read about the music here.

Upfinger Orgel-Sessions

Listen to the music that came out of the challenging situation of bringing together
an organ in a church with an altosaxophone played at home.

And read about the experience.

Berlin-Frankfurt-Trio Schwarz/Voccia/Roessler

Listen to our short soundcheck with bass and alto saxophone. 🙂

And read about the working process.

Summer in the Village

Bachmusik 1 Flöte Listen to the Urach waterfall creek with flute sounds recorded in Berlin